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Our Services

Let's make your doggy dreams a reality!

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Virtual Coaching

We know training is an investment. So we made it even easier for anyone looking to train with the Badass Team. If you're willing to put in the work, we're willing to put in the time!

Our virtual program consists of one-on-one training with a custom program designed to achieve your family's goals and so much more! 

Private Lessons

Do you want to know to learn the in's and out's of your dog's behavior, know how to get them to stop bad behaviors, and keep performing the good ones? This is for you! We'll teach you how to be your dog's trainer! We want you to be so self-sufficient you won't need us anymore. This program includes one on one in-home training, a custom training program and so much more! 

Adoption Counseling

Interested in adopting a dog from a rescue or buying a dog from a breeder, but don't know what dog is best for you? We got you covered! This program is designed to help you find your best match.

For our rescuers: We'll help you look through pet finder, and put your best foot forward with Shelters by showing them your custom-made doggy resume.

For our puppy lovers: We'll show you which breed is best for you, based on your lifestyle, and help you get a great puppy from a responsible breeder.

We don't judge. We're here to support you in the best way possible when making a 10+ year commitment.

Create your doggy dream life.
Tell us about your goals today.

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