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Let us help you make your doggy dreams a reality.


One on one in-home training. All of our programs are custom tailored and designed to achieve your families goals. 

We help you find the perfect pooch to add to your loving family. 

As well as, helping you

re-home your lovely pooch into a loving home that best fits them. 

Enter into a controlled environment with a supportive community and enjoy real life training. In class we go hiking, enjoy bonfires, barbecues or a nice walk down Elmwood Ave with our badass pooches!

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Do you have a pooch that is making you feel overwhelmed? Let us do the heavy lifting. Our one, two or three week board and train program will give you a jump start in training. We'll get you moving in the right direction. Let's get your pooch living with the pros and make them more obedient, happier and friendlier for you! 

Enjoy your vacation even more knowing that your pooch is safe and sound living their best life with the pack. 


Note: Only available to families that have completed or are currently enrolled in a training program.

Want to become a dog trainer? Email us today to learn more. We want to help you grow and feel confident in your newfound skills. 

Create your doggy dream life.
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