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Hey there!

I'm Gabby and I'm so happy you're here! I created Badass Dog Training because I used to be just like you. I had a dog who was way more than I bargained for. He was great with me, sometimes. He would be cute, cuddly, give me kisses, whole nine. But other times he'd turn into a demon. He'd try to bite me, my family, would erupt towards other dogs on leash, and try to attack another dog every chance he got. But, even through all his crazy, I knew a great dog was in that tiny little body of his. I just needed to figure out how to bring that good side of him out consistently and keep the other part locked in a box deep inside. 13 years later, I'm happy to report. the little man is still kicking and has become the dog that I've always wanted. 

My Story

how it all started and then where it went. Summary of my training journey

my bio Experiences with training, credentials, mentor 

Jacob bio 

Now, he loves people. Specifically, the butt scratches people give him. He has dog friends and loves to play and snug with them. Ignores other dogs on leash, and maintains a calm and happy state of mind on walks. He walks in a beautiful heel with his micro prong collar. When he's around new dogs he doesn't attack them and still wears his party hat (Aka muzzle, safety is number one and he may be old, but he still thinks about making bad decisions.). When off leash with other dogs he maintains his manners, is ok with being pushed by another dog and will give a fair correction when a dog is being too much towards him. But, before he gets there, if he's feeling overwhelmed he'll create space from the group and remove himself from a room/ area to allow himself to . Now, he is my littlae psychopath, because he's still crazy, but normal passing. 


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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