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Gabby Sun 

Gabby, the owner of Badass Dog Training, has been in the animal welfare field for 11 years, spent two years as an adoption counselor and has been professionally training dogs for the past four years. Her journey began when she was given her dog Jacob (dog in the photo). This little guy's transformation from a dog who would bite people or attack other dogs, to now being a happy dude who lives peacefully with other dogs, has travelled across the country and is a regular at local shops around Buffalo, ignited Gabby’s passion for helping others. His transformation created so much hope within her, that she made it her mission to give that feeling back to others. She is dedicated to helping families who are experiencing the same or similar challenges and are committed to creating positive changes within their homes. To support her goal, she created Badass Dog Training and programs specifically designed to build confidence and knowledge through real life scenarios. When this crazy dog lady isn’t training or working on building the Badass community, she can be found hanging out with her mentors, friends or family, eating food (Once you get to know her, you’ll understand why we mention this.), chilling with the pooches, out adventuring or lifting some heavy weights at the gym.

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Why Join Our Community? 

Our skill sets range from raising puppies or teaching rescues basic obedience, who are a little too mouthy or may need help going potty outside. To dogs that have a bite history and are reacting aggressively towards people or other animals. To building working dogs for veterans with ptsd, depression, anxiety and/ or have come home with medical injuries and are looking to add a pooch to their team. Plus, all the pooches in between. Most of all, we're kickass! But, don't just hear that from us. Hear that from them. 

Our Programs


This is the very first step to all of our programs. Here is where we take a deep dive into learning about you and your pooch to create attainable and measurable goals. From there we develop a working training plan together. Then move into getting you ready for level one. Don't worry, we're in this together! 

Level One

Level One is designed to undo and break down problem behaviors to create a solid foundation. This will make space to build better behaviors. As well as, creating control and structure to maintain healthy dog boundaries in and outside of the home.

Level Two

Here's where the fun begins! We take the solid foundation we created in level one and turn it up. In level two, programs are tailored to steadily push outside of the comfort zone. Such as, walking in high traffic areas that may have been previously triggering to your pooch, working through it and coming out successful. We're doing the damn thing!

Level Three

E-Collar Foundations


This is where we take everything we learned in level one and two, make it sharper, more seamless and can even go off leash! Ever thought of going on an off leash hiking with your dog? Well, get ready. We're going to do it! 

Group Class


Group Class is a crowd favorite. It gives you the freedom to do fun new things with your pooch in a controlled environment, while up keeping all of the training you've done. Once your dog is qualified to join, you will be invited to go on all the great adventures we have in store for the season. Are you ready? Get excited!

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